Todays Skills: Tomorrow’s Leaders

A National Leadership Program for Group Training Apprentices and Trainees

TSTL is a five day intensive professional development program for high achieving apprentices and trainees from across Australia. The TSTL program is now in its thirteenth year and focuses on both career and leadership development.

Sessions cover personal leadership skills, effective workplace teams, and leadership in the broader community. Participants are encouraged to develop their leadership and self management skills, clarify future goals and improve work/life satisfaction.

Participants also interact with elite athletes from the Australian Institute of Sport – learning how passion, commitment and goal achievement is applied in a variety of contexts. They also visit Parliament House and meet with key ministers.

  • “TSTL showed me different strategies and methods to become self motivated in my career and personal life. Meeting and hearing the stories of other individuals was a great eye opener and helped with some of the road blocks I was encountering with my career. TSTL changed my way of thinking, has given me a positive outlook on life and most importantly, given me more confidence and motivation to better my career.”

    Matthew Bennett
    Heavy Road Transport Diesel Mechanic Apprentice
  • “TSTL provided the opportunity to review my career and life goals and the strategies I was using to get there. It reminded me to think outside the box and that life’s obstacles can be easily overcome with the right plan and attitude. I have returned from Canberra with more strategies and confidence to overcome challenges and a much clearer understanding of where I am headed.”

    Michael Patterson
    Plumbing Apprentice
  • “Brett has been an apprentice of outstanding quality, shown not only through his work quality but also his leadership. Brett has taken every challenge that has been thrown at him by management and thrived on it. He hopes to convey to others the advantages and success that he has achieved from being a part of a group training scheme”

    Joe Scopacasa
    TAPS Field Consultant

Today’s Skills: Tomorrow’s Leaders– August 16 – 21, 2016

A National Leadership Program for Group Training apprentices and trainees

2016 Today’s Skills: Tomorrow’s Leaders (TSTL) program brought together 16 of Australia’s outstanding apprentices and trainees who were selected from approximately 25,000 group training apprentices and trainees.

The five day intensive professional development program brings together apprentices and trainees from across Australia – high achievers in their chosen professions and potential industry leaders of the future. TSTL offers a unique opportunity for the participants to develop their leadership and self-management skills, clarify future goals and improve work/life satisfaction. Participants also have the opportunity to meet and learn from AIS athletes, visit Parliament House and meet with key ministers.

TSTL Group

South Australia was well represented by four high achieving participants in the 2016 program:

Jessica_TSTLJake Andrews

Plumbing Apprentice

GTO: Trainee and Apprentice Placement Service (TAPS)
Host Employer:  Jordan Plumbing


Jake began his career in plumbing as a school-based apprentice and excelled early on. In fact, he was the only school-based apprentice competing at his regional WorldSkills Competition.

As a 1st year apprentice, Jake regularly outperformed 3rd and 4th year peers in the quality of his work and timely completion of tasks.

Jake’s achievements have been recognised through a number of awards and he is keen to pass on his skills and inspire others.

While he acknowledges he has a lot of learning and development ahead in both his work and social life, Jake is looking forward to the challenges.

Kane_TSTLFoster Davis

Diploma of Business Administration

GTO: Murraylands Training & Employment
Host Employer: Murray Mallee Aged Care Group Inc.


Foster completed Year 12 with an ATAR of 90.5 and went on to undertake a Certificate IV in Ministry and Theology at Tabor College. He then enrolled in a Bachelor of Communication in Media and Culture at the University of South Australia. He found the course didn’t fulfill his aspiration to impact the lives of other or his desire to practically apply his education so two weeks after withdrawing, he began his first traineeship. Foster completed a Certificate III in Business Administration and has since moved on to a Diploma of Business Administration.

In the future, Foster looks forward to utilising his leadership abilities to expand the ministries he is currently leading at the Christian Family Centre, create new ministries, further his career and personal development, contribute to the growth and expansion of his employer, advocate for further education and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

currently, Foster is in the process of starting a community initiative which aims to see underprivileged children in the local schools supplied with lunch on a regular basis.

Jessica_TSTLAngelina Oates

Certificate III Data & voice Communications

GTO: ATEC Group Training
Host Employer:  Apex Communication Technologies Pty Ltd


Angelina’s adult learning path began while she was working as a spray painter and robot operator when she found her shifts were being reduce – a precursor to the automotive manufacturer’s closing.

She decided she wanted a secure, satisfying and challenging long term career that matched her natural ability and interest and after guidance from a VET Coordinator decided on Data Communications. Whilst seeking an adult apprenticeship, Angela undertook a Certificate II in Data and Voice Communications Pre-Vocational course. She studied 5 nights a week for 9 months at TAFE SA while still working full-time and also gaining Excavator and Loader tickets.

Angelina’s passion is ‘Muay Thai’, one of the most challenging and physically taxing martial arts. She started the sport to build the fit body and mind she needed to overcome a cancerous tumor on her liver and now aspires to challenge for the National 55kg belt title. Angelina’s goals also includ buying a house with her fiancé at the end of her apprenticeship; remaining with her host employer as a permanent, valued employee; and mentoring and providing leadership to future apprentices, including her Aboriginal people. She sees herself as a role model for indigenous females wanting to better themselves and take a chance in fields that are male and non-indigenous dominated.

Kane_TSTLShane Ross

Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

Host Employer: Nilsen SA Pty Ltd.


Shane’s fascination for electricity and electrical components started at a very young age when he remembers making his very first torch with a battery, wire and a globe whilst at primary school. This simple device inspired his career in the electrical industry and growing up on a family farm gave him exposure to lots of machinery.

Shane completed Year 12 and decided to enrol in a Bachelor in Electrical and Mechatronics Engineering at UniSA. A casual job let to a full-time positiion as a Transport Coordinator and after a few years, Shane decided to follow his dream of getting into the electrical industry through an apprenticeship.

Whilst undertaking his apprenticeship, Shane went back to University and finished his Bachelor of Electrical and Mechatronics Engineering, receiving 4 distinctions and 4 credits. Future plans include undertaking more courses to further develop his skills and knowledge in the industry, and continuing to learning as much as he can.